The English Beat

The English Beat

12 Cents for Marvin

Friday, December 7

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


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The English Beat
The English Beat
There are certain things one just isn’t bold enough to ever expect… [one] such moment was seeing ska legends/pioneers English Beat… I’ve sent countless evenings at ska shows while growing up, but this was the perfect first/biggest ska show of 2010. – BEYOND RACE MAGAZINE

The English Beat’s influence was incalculable… - Allentown Morning Call

"... [Dave] Wakeling and his crew played 90 minutes worth of hits, deep cuts, some General Public chestnuts and a few new songs… every song was met with recognition and applause." – River Front Times

"[The English Beat are] more popular now than ever." – San Francisco Chronicle

[Dave Wakeling] has assembled an incredible band and is playing his hits with the same raucous enthusiasm that made The English Beat one of the biggest acts of the New Wave Era… Every time they play, The Brew [San Luis Obispo, CA] is packed to the gills with an audience bouncing in unison." – SLO New Times

"People were spilling out the doors by the time [English Beat] went on stage and the palpable joy was in the air when they started… With lyrics about unity, peace, love and partying, and a beat that’s guaranteed to get you out of your seat, their music will always be dancetastic." – The New York Examiner

[The English Beat continues to take] on 2 tone, ska, reggae and new wave, still dishing out on issues of strife and discontentment at times, but always with a happy, danceable tune… drawing large audiences and still has a growing fan base" – San Gabriel Valley Tribune

"[Dave Wakeling of The English Beat] is a musician who seems to genuinely enjoy performing, and even those new to the Beat couldn’t help but get swept up in the infectious brand of "happy" music, as one put it." – Napa Valley Register

"In 2010, [The English Beat] remains on fire, opening their set with a rousing cover of The Staple Singers classic I’ll Take You There. If the excitement wasn’t at a fevered pitch by then, their second song I Confess brought the entire Gibson Amphitheatre to their collective feet. The song still sounds as fresh and lively today as it did when KROQ was granting it massive airplay back in 1982. Another cover followed, a skankin’ version of Tears Of A Clown, originally by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles." – Highwire Daze

"As always, the English Beat's sound is a driving blend of ska, punk, rock and reggae that's made for dancing." – Daily Local News
12 Cents for Marvin
12 Cents for Marvin
It’s rare for a band to have a dramatic artistic impact and dedicated fan base over two decades. However, the eight-member group 12 Cents for Marvin has done just that, all within the college town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Better known as “12 Cents” by their fans, the band consists of talented, finely-tuned members that each supply a distinctive spark to their musical machine.

Front man Tom Werge describes his gifted cohorts not just simply as a band, but more akin to a “close-knit family.” Individually, each of the “cylinders” in “12 Cents” brings their dynamic passions and personality into the group’s compositions and performances. The result is a high-grade blend of ska-infused pop, rock, and reggae. Their listeners are captivated and gravitate to their upbeat fun-filled groove.

Outside of Colorado, one may view 12 Cents for Marvin as “just another ska band,” until they press “PLAY.” Then you can hear their two decades of dedication that elevates them, just as the city of Fort Collins, one mile higher than many other bands. “12 Cents” formed in 1996 while the founding musicians were attending Colorado State University

“We met a colorful street panhandler, his name was Marvin, and he always attempted to collect 12 cents from every passerby,” explains Werge. One day after passing Marvin, and giving him twelve cents, they realized it was the perfect name. Marvin captured the personal and idiosyncratic nature of each of their muses.

One of the unexpected things you’ll find regarding 12 Cents for Marvin is that they each have successful professional careers outside of the music industry. By day, front man Tom Werge runs his own law firm, yet at night, Tom’s talents are his on-stage vocals and performance on the valve trombone with the band’s horn section, Co-founder Hilary Freeman is not only an exceptional bassist but also a mathematics instructor at CSU.

Guitarist Nik Levinsky pursued a career in web design, and when Soren Daugaard isn’t at his drums he’s improving processes at New Belgium Brewing. Gifted trumpeter Greta Cornett is a director of live music and co-creator of the Fort Collins Music Experiment festival. John Giordenengo plays on the slide trombone and is the founder of a nonprofit that focuses on wildlands restoration. Phuong Nguyen is a middle school band director, as well as the band’s tenor saxophone player. Keyboardist Sean Jaster maintains a presence at CSU as the assistant director of Upward Bound. Tom explains, “With 12 Cents for Marvin, our sum is greater than our parts.” This synergistic effect builds a distinct edginess to the 12 cents sound.

12 Cents for Marvin pulls influences from acts such as The Specials, Fishbone, Reel Big Fish, Magic!, No Doubt, and Sublime. Individually, each member is a creative catalyst, sparking their sound and style. Werge offers his ska groove, while Hilary brings her classic rock appeal. Nik delivers a glint of hip-hop and Soren brings his roots reggae influence. Greta contributes a splash of indie rock, John and Phuong add the funk with their horns, and last, but not least, Sean mixes in the spice of soul. The collision of these genres increases 12 Cents’ drive to push forward creatively.

Since their formation in 1996, 12 Cents for Marvin has released five full-length albums. They include; Yellow Raincoat (1998), King of the Ring (2000), Change (2005), and The B-Load (2007.) 2016 marks their latest release, “It’s Not Over,” which stays true to their trademark energetic flair and blistering horn section. 12 Cents can be found on such compilations as “Still Standing” (2003, Megalith Records) and “Fort Collins Rocks, Vol. 3” (2005, Hapi-Skratch Records.) 12 Cents for Marvin has performed with A-List acts such as The Skatalites, The English Beat, The Sugar Hill Gang, The Specials, The Fray, Fishbone, and a multitude of others. The band has earned first place in Colorado’s Scene Magazine’s “Battle of the Bands,” and were named “Best Band” in the region several years in the row.

12 Cents for Marvin strives to produce music that everyone, at almost any age, can appreciate. A product of a college town, the band now aspires to represent Colorado and spread their ska style to the world. This band is one well-oiled machine, they are an eight-cylinder ska engine, perfectly timed, working together. To feel the energy, the price of admission is only 12 Cents to Marvin.
Venue Information:
132 Laporte Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524